Are you as a restaurant owner tired of keeping track of all your paper invoices and are now looking for the best POS system for a restaurant? If so, then you have come to the right place. A merchant servicing platform allows transactions to take place between two parties like a customer and small business owner. Much like a credit card, payments are made via the merchant processor platform by the customer. 

Choosing a point of sale system for small businesses is tedious as you want the very best for your customer. In this guide, we will review JNA Merchant, an all-in-one business solution for all your customers, employees, and vendor/supplier transactions. With the lowest rates, your business will be managed through a dashboard that provides complete transparency for better retail management.

What Is A Restaurant POS Software?

Restaurant point of sale systems allows you to provide a smooth customer experience, better cash flow management, bookkeeping, and inventory management.  This kind of software for the most part is payment gateways and has other features such as order and employee management, and analytics tools. Naturally handling all this manually can be very time-consuming and prone to errors. However, with these point of sale systems for small businesses you can automate your everyday ordering and management. 

These service providers allow retail and small businesses to have a safe and touchless payment mechanism, a necessity during COVID-19. Contactless deliveries have become essential, and if you are facing a decline in sales, then you have come to the right place. Instead of manual order placement, your customers can simply scan a QR code menu and order through the merchant software. Customers are usually given a pickup, delivery, or dine-in option, depending on your restaurant. You can also limit your staff this way as orders are sent straight to the kitchen, eliminating the need for someone to convey the order to the chef. 

Why JNA Merchant?

JNA Merchant is an up-and-coming retail point of sale system that accepts payments from credit, debit, and other prepaid cards. It accepts both domestic and international cards such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover. JNA Merchant offers remote business solutions to help your business grow, gain customer loyalty, and have better management solutions. These are especially beneficial for small businesses in the retail and hospitality industries.

Features of Merchant Services

As mentioned before JNA Merchant is one of the best POS systems for restaurants and small businesses for several reasons. Its comparatively low cost and calculating the rate is super easy, visit our website or call us at (877) 400-5389

If you are a small business and wish to know the rate, all you need to figure out are the following metrics:

  • The percentage of the desired merchant rate
  • The average transaction volume – in dollars

The rest is taken care of by the website, which will automatically calculate your rate.

The features your business can benefit from are:

  1. Electronic Invoice Generation

Keeping a manual or hard copy record of all your invoices is not easy. JNA Merchant provides you with the ability to generate paperless eInvoices which will feature the logo of your business. You can then keep track of all your invoices on a single dashboard. It is also a breeze for the customer, as they safely choose their order and pay with a simple click of a button. Moreover, you also can make customized receipts.

  1. Repeat Business 

In case your business model is based on payment plans or subscriptions, then you can choose to set up repeat business through the JNA merchant. You can tailor the plan according to your business and its metrics. 

  1. Range of Payment Solutions

The best part about JNA Merchant is that it accommodates a variety of payment options including Apple and Android Pay. Thus, your customers are given further convenience by the integration of these two in-app purchase payment options. 

  1. Order and Pay On The Go

The JNA Merchant’s virtual terminal is simple and easy to use. It allows you to take orders simply from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. The customers can order and pay easily no matter where they are as long as they have wifi connectivity. 

  1. Masterpass Acceptance

Masterpass, a payment option introduced recently by Mastercard is a digital service for merchant services. It ensures that your customers can may easy payments virtually. All the relevant information of the customer including the payment option, shipping details, and personal information are saved already for their ease. It is a highly secure option certified by Mastercard and ensures that customer data stays protected and hidden from hackers online. All you need to do is add Masterpass to the checkout stage.  

  1. Fraud Tools for Maximum Security

From your account settings, you can turn on fraud tools. These are essentially safety procedures that you can enable to verify and secure every incoming purchase. This helps minimize the risk that often comes with online businesses. 

  1. Security 

In addition to the fraud tools, the JNA Merchant also uses encryption and tokenization for every transaction and personal information that a customer enters. The information is also stored in the database but it is completely secure thanks to the Level 1 PCI certified servers. This also ensures that PCI compliance is enabled for your business. 

  1. Employee Management 

The JNA Merchant not only can take orders and store customer data but also has employee management sections. Each employee is provided with a username and password that they use to access the portal. The employees can only then manage payments. This also allows you to have complete employee transparency. 

  1. Inventory Management

Apart from the above-mentioned services, JNA Merchant is also equipped with an Inventory Management platform. You can process, track, and manage inventory-related payments for a smooth flow of all your operations. 

  1. Mobile App

As mentioned above, your customers can make payments on the go with JNA Merchant. This is done through the mobile app. The app tracks all your real-time transactions and has tons of other tools which are very easy to navigate on the phone.